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Floral Professionals and Future Flower Handlers:

I want you to fully enjoy your professional floral career – in whatever component of the industry you find yourself, and in whatever capacity you serve through the medium of flowers.

Because there are so many changes within the floral industry that are causing new challenges – I thought you could use some personal insights and positive perspectives from someone who has “been there, done that”, and is still actively involved in the industry.

Helping your business thrive is what Progressive Floristry is all about. And to that end I offer a Business Development Workshop so you can understand the broader industry and discover your perfect place in it – whether you are thinking about starting a business or are fully immersed in one that needs a fresh energy.

I research, develop and market my own business on a regular basis and on occasion write articles and post them here so you can learn from the experiences, results and “A-Ha” moments I’m having as I move forward. As I attend trade shows, educational programs and/or participate with floral organizations I sometimes post brief articles or announcements here.

I run a private consultation practice helping people start or transition their business into pleasurable and profitable entities that serve both themselves and their clients. Feel free to touch base if you are interested in that.

To help your business grow my company, Flowerhandlers Inc. also offers:

The education consumer floral resources I have created as “The Flower Godmother” are available to you at no charge. You can access them immediately by joining the Flowerhandlers Community (bottom of this page). Once you join the community I’ll send you a message that explains how you can use them best – depending on where you are on your path.

Enjoy your visit here and your floral journey.

Thank you for enriching people’s lives with the beauty and wonder of flowers.

Warm Regards,

Dottie Harrigan



Dottie Harrigan
~ Flower Evangelist
~ Voice of, The Flower Godmother
~ President, Flowerhandlers

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